About me

I was born in Italy long time ago. I grow up in Milano were I lived since I moved to the SF Bay.
I don’t remember when I started to love music because I always did.

I played the piano when I was seven, but the true love was with the mandolin when I was ten.

I started to play the electric bass when I was fourteen. Since then I played the bass and the mandolin in a variety of genre and bands from classical to folk, pop, rock and punk.

When I was eighteen I started my “formal” education. I studied Stringbass in the “Civica Scuola di Musica di Milano” and I performed in classical orchestras in Milano area for 20 years from 1988 to 2008.

I moved in the Bay in 2009 in order to join Nicola Swinburne’s MandolinSerenade. I also start conducting the San Francisco Mandolin Orchestra and I’m still lead this amazing group.
In 2013 I left Mandolinserenade and I founded “Il tremolo” and I’m performing and teaching in the Bay Area with that name since then.

I think I’m a lucky man. I had the possibility to perform with some of the finest musician of the world and I played (and still play!) a huge variety of music, from classical to rock. I’m not a recording guy. Most of what I did is to play in live situations for real people in front of me. They say I have to do more recording but it is something that still it is not my favorite thing to do.

What I do in my free time? Mostly music in different ways. I’m a photographer and an instructor of Italian combat stick (cannes). I also enjoy riding my bicycle, eating gelato, dancing tango and play pull.

4 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I live in Redwood City. Do you teach closer than San Francisco? How are lessons?


  2. Salvatore said:

    Salve, ho appena acquistato un mandolino napoletano, ma le corde suonano un’ottava sotto rispetto a quello usato da lei nelle sue video lezioni. mi consiglierebbe quale muta acquistare?


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